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TFL: Animation: Rejected
TFL: Musicians Bands/Groups: Shonen Knife
TFL/TAFL Crosslisted: Ride On Shooting Star (Songs Bands/Groups: The Pillows, TAFL Songs)


• I must be credited as the original owner, with a link to .
• You get the memberlist in PHPFanbase format (keep all members!), the codes (which I must be credited for), and the affiliates (if applicable). The layout stays with me unless otherwise specified. :)
• You have two weeks to put up the FL, unless otherwise specified/agreed upon.
• If you ever put the FL up for adoption, I get first dibs. My FL contact is
• Trades are welcome if you have something I want.

Apply with:

• Name
• Email address
• Link(s) to FL samples and/or FL collective.
• Any comments?

Adopted Out

Sparkling Apple Cider - Given to Jenny, now closed.
Hiru no Tsuki - Given to Purpleangel, now belongs to Jenny!
Sonic X: Music of - Given to Kari!
Gyoza - Given to Lia!
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S: The Movie - Given to Amber!
Tiramisu - Given to Krystal!
Tango - Given to Jenny!


I still have the memberlists for these in case anyone opens them in the future. :)

Fried Ice Cream
Whatchamacallit Bars
Tokyo Godfathers