Sonic Adventure was the first game released for Dreamcast in 1999. A blockbuster title, it is considered a must-have for Dreamcast owners. Sonic's biggest adventure (at that point) was most certainly one of his greatest.

The story:

Dr. Eggman has new plans to take over the city of Station Square with the aide of the water god Chaos and the seven Chaos emeralds, to create his empire Eggmanland. Sonic and his old friends, as well as some new ones, set out to foil Dr. Eggman's plans before it is too late.

What made this game great was the fact that you could play as several different characters, each with their own stories, that all tied together well. The level designs were done wonderfully; they were fun to play through again and again. Each character could play the same level and have a different route in it, so it still felt fresh.

Another thing that made this game what it is is the soundtrack. The music fit all the levels perfectly, and it was memorable - if you turned off the game, you could still think of the levels and the music that went along. this game introduced vocal character themes, which were all awesome new additions.

A mixed bag was the introduction of adventure fields - areas which you could explore freely and figure out little mini-puzzles, and access different levels. I loved roaming around in them, but many people said they didn't like them for they slowed the game down-- yet when Sonic Adventure 2 came out, they asked for the adventure fields!

After Sonic Adventure came Sonic Adventure 2, a sequel that introduced good vs. bad and two new characters, Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. While SA2 was greeted with big expectations, it didn't hold a light to the original SA's greatness. In my opinion, the levels weren't as fresh, fun and original, the majority of the music wasn't as catchy, and the versus-style play wasn't as good as I thought it'd be.

Sonic Adventure is also very special to me because after ages of not being exposed to anything Sonic, it woke up my love of Sonic. After years of pretty much no video games, I got a Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure, and was amazed. I was glued to my seat until I became too sleepy to play anymore, but the game certainly left me sated from beginning to end.

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