Big's Story

Big the Cat loves fishing and hanging with his buddy Froggy. One day he wakes up and sees Froggy is gone, and heads to Station Square to find him. He goes to Twinkle Park and fishes him out of a pool. Froggy hops off, so he heads to Mystic Ruins and fishes for Froggy again in IceCap. Froggy hops off again, with Big giving chase. He chases him to Station Square and fishes for him in Emerald Coast. E-102 catches Froggy and takes him aboard the Egg Carrier with Big still in pursuit. He chases him once more in Hot Shelter.

Eggman gets a hold of Froggy and gives him to Chaos, who takes the emerald Froggy has swallowed all ths time. Big sees Froggy in Chaos 6 and uses his fishing rod to catch him. They get into Tails' plane and fly back to the jungle to relax again.