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US Release

The US fans are very grateful that the Boogiepop series has been licensed by Seven Seas and they are doing a wonderful job with translating. Much to our delight, the series is being kept intact and released.


...Boogiepop and Others
Kouhei Kadono's novel that started it all, this is a delicious must-read for any Boogiepop fan.

...Boogiepop Returns: vs Imaginator Part 1
Known as "Boogiepop Returns VS Imaginator: Sign" in Japan, this is the second novel that introduces the mysterious Towa organization, as seen in the anime.

...Boogiepop Returns: vs Imaginator Part 2
Known as "Boogiepop Returns VS Imaginator: Parade" in Japan, this is the third novel that continues the story from Sign.

...Boogiepop and Others: Volume 1 & 2
Kouji Ogata's gorgeous visuals! The manga version of the original novel.

...Boogiepop Dual: Volume 1 & 2
This story is slightly different; instead of Miyashita as Boogiepop, the role is being handed down from a teacher to a student, Akizuki Takaya. Also, Masayuki Takano does the illustration for these volumes.


...Boogiepop and Others
The live-action movie adaptation of the original novel was released by Right Stuf, and stays refreshingly close to the novel's storyline.

...Boogiepop Phantom
Released by Right Stuf, the DVDs were also released as a special limited edition box set that includes the soundtracks, shitajiki and collector cards in an art box.


...Music Inspired by Boogiepop and Others
This soundtrack is made up of image songs for the novel characters, which were also used in the live-action movie.

...Boogiepop Phantom: Original Soundtrack 2-CD Set
This 2-CD set covers the anime soundtrack. Strangely, it doesn't have the opening or ending themes.

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