Mouse Mania!


ChuChu Rocket is a Sega puzzle game released on Dreamcast in March 2000 and Nintendo Game Boy Advance in June 2001. Both versions have multiplayer modes as well as hundreds of single-player puzzles. The game allows for 1-4 players as well as an online network play mode on the Dreamcast.

ChuChus are cute little space mice that are terrorized by KapuKapus, the space cats that gobble them up. The object of the game is to rescue the Chu Chus by leading them into escape rockets. Chu Chus can only run straight and turn right when they hit walls, so the player's job is to place arrows to lead the Chu Chus to safety before the KapuKapus devour them.

The ChuChu Rockets are piloted by Chui (blue rocket), ChuBei (yellow rocket), ChuPea (red rocket), and ChuBach (green rocket). There is only enough fuel for one rocket to escape the space port... whose will it be?

This fanlisting gets it's name from one of the random-roulette entries in ChuChu Rocket's multiplayer mode. When you get "Mouse Mania," a flood of hundreds of ChuChus come out of the escape pods.

I love puzzle games, and a game as cute as this is no exception. I can play for hours on end solving ChuChu puzzles and extra modes! My only regret is that there is no soundtrack CD or merchandise, as I'd loved to have a CD and a ChuChu doll. This is one of my favorites in my game collection. :)

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