Egg Stone is a giant egg-shaped stone sitting on a small island. It is a mystery as to what the origin of the stone is and what it's purpose was.

Tail Concerto is full of wonderful characters:

Waffle Ryebread - Waffle is a dog working for the police. He is smart, brave, and always looking to help - qualities that make him a great addition to the Prairie police force and a ladies man to boot. Even though his job may command otherwise, he's always looking to do what's right in a situation, even if it means endangering himself. He's working hard toward a well-deserved vacation... :)

Russell Ryebread - Russell is Waffle's grandfather, who studies artifacts and the world left behind by the ancent civilization. He is very intelligent but wishes Waffle had followed in his footsteps and taken on his life's work.

Panta-kun - This adorable little pup carries a communications radio on his back. He's always looking to help Officer Waffle, although his small size tends to get in the way.

Police Chief - The police chief may seem like a tough guy, but he's a soft one deep down. He gives Waffle new missions and updates from time to time.

Alicia Priss - Alicia is the leader of the Kuroneko-dan (Black Cats Gang). With a hatred for all dogs, she wants to collect five artifact jewels that will help her to build a homeland for all the cats. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't know the full story behind these crystals, and her emotions sometimes get in her way.

Stare Priss - Alicia's sister is the quiet type. Her interests lie in the well-being of her sisters.

Flare Priss - Flare is the adopted sister of Alicia and Stare. Young and hyper, she looks up to Alicia and follows whatever she believes.

Kittens - Tons of kittens swarm the islands of Prairie making mischief and hunting for crystals. Some of them have bombs or dangerous aircrafts.

Fool - Fool is a weapoms merchant who also deals in illegal relics. He wants the Priss sisters to find him the five crystals scattered about the land so he can resurrect an ancient evil that he wants to use to take over the land.

Princess Terria - Terria (Terrier) is not the average quiet princess. She wants to go on an adventure, much to the dismay of her escort. After she is rescued by Waffle, she grows feelings for him.

Chamberlain - Terria's old escort is stressed as ever. He can't keep up with the young princess, especially when she is wandering off unattended or being kidnapped.

King Hound III - The king and Terria's father.

Cyan Garland - Cyan is the obnoxious captain of the palace guards. He thinks very higly of himself and his abilities, but most of the time he can't put his money where his mouth is. He loves Terria, which leaves him in competition with Waffle for her affections - a competition Waffle doesn't want part of.

Gray Garland - Gray is Cyan's grandfather who has a bitter ongoing rivalry with Russell. He lives in the high northern island of Coolant where he studies frozen life forms.

Tetsukyoushin - Tetsukyoushin (Iron God Machine, renamed Iron Giant in the US version) is an ancient creation powered by the five crystals. It's destructive rampage was put to an end when the crystals were removed from it's heart, and his limbs scattered. Now Fool is out to resurrect him, not knowing even he can't control the giant...