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 Lucid Gaming
Title: Lucid Gaming
Subject: Dreamcast
Dreamcast is by far my favorite new-age console. It has a load of awesome, unique games that are so fun to play. :D I've never met a person who sold their Dreamcast and didn't regret it ;)

 Adventure Awaits...
Title: Adventure Awaits...
Subject: Sonic Adventure
Words cannot express how much I love this game. By far the best Sonic game Dreamcast had to offer, it was amazing, breathtaking even.

 Sonic Groove
Title: Sonic Groove
Subject: Sonic the Hedgehog (Series) Music
The music of the Sonic Series is by far my favorite music of any game series, and I LOVE game music. The tunes are always fresh, catchy and fitting, and always add a beautiful new dimension to the games. Ever since I was but a wee child I loved Sonic music, especially with the coming of Sonic 2. I'm so happy to run this fanlisting :)

 Skies of Prairie
Title: Skies of Prairie
Subject: Tail Concerto
A wonderful game for PlayStation, I think Tail Concerto is a game with heart that should be considered a must-have.

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