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 Mouse Mania!
Title: Mouse Mania!
Subject: ChuChu Rocket
I love puzzle games, and one this cute is by far no exception. ChuChu Rocket involves guiding space mice, ChuChus, into their escape rockets before they're devoured by giant cats (KapuKapu). Hundreds of puzzles and extra modes lead to hours of fun. Not to mention the JP commercial is the best commercial ever.

 Lucid Gaming
Title: Lucid Gaming
Subject: Dreamcast
Dreamcast is by far my favorite new-age console. It has a load of awesome, unique games that are so fun to play. :D I've never met a person who sold their Dreamcast and didn't regret it ;)

Subject: Parappa the Rapper
This was my very first PlayStation game and one of my top fave games. I love music games (save for DDR :P) and this put the genre on the gaming map with a bang. It's uniqueness was unparalleled and it's fun factor is only matched by it's sequel, Um Jammer Lammy.

 Adventure Awaits...
Title: Adventure Awaits...
Subject: Sonic Adventure
Words cannot express how much I love this game. By far the best Sonic game Dreamcast had to offer, it was amazing, breathtaking even.

 Sonic Groove
Title: Sonic Groove
Subject: Sonic the Hedgehog (Series) Music
The music of the Sonic Series is by far my favorite music of any game series, and I LOVE game music. The tunes are always fresh, catchy and fitting, and always add a beautiful new dimension to the games. Ever since I was but a wee child I loved Sonic music, especially with the coming of Sonic 2. I'm so happy to run this fanlisting :)

 Skies of Prairie
Title: Skies of Prairie
Subject: Tail Concerto
A wonderful game for PlayStation, I think Tail Concerto is a game with heart that should be considered a must-have.

 Milkcan Live!
Title: Milkcan Live!
Subject: Um Jammer Lammy
This sequel to Parappa the Rapper was just as great! Rap has been replaced with rock as shy Lammy roars out riffs on her way to the concert. I adore this game!

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