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 Angel in the Dark
Title: Angel in the Dark
Subject: Boogiepop Phantom
One of my tip top favorite anime series. Dark, mysterious, delicious series about the past, present, life, death, and emotional turmoil.

Subject: Dr. Eggman
What's a hero without a villain? Dedicated to Dr. Eggman of Sonic the Hedgehog fame, Eggman may not be smart enough to defeat Sonic once and for all, but he carried on through tons of adventures and kept us on our toes. When I first saw him in a Sonic game, I called him a demented freak bent on annihilation (wtf?). Now I love him for it :D

 Lucid Gaming
Title: Lucid Gaming
Subject: Dreamcast
Dreamcast is by far my favorite new-age console. It has a load of awesome, unique games that are so fun to play. :D I've never met a person who sold their Dreamcast and didn't regret it ;)

Subject: FLCL Music
Definitely one of the best anime sountracks out there. The Pillows are deeeelicious.

 Imagine That
Title: Imagine That
Subject: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Title: Maccha!
Subject: Green Tea Ice Cream
This is my fave ice cream flavor. Don't knock it 'til you've tried this delicious flavor... mmm...

 Gen reV
Title: Gen reV
Subject: Guitar Vader
One of my top all-time favorite bands, Guitar Vader is an underground band hailing from Japan. They gained fame from their contributions to Jet Set Radio/Future, and since then I've been hooked on their music. Their fanlisting doubles as a fansite and resource for any and all GV fans, as I recall what a tough hunt it was to find some good resources about them when I first heard of them. My dream is to see them in concert someday!

Subject: Haruhara Haruko
Heroine #1 of FLCL. Beneath the sexy alien exterior is a well-developed character, one which should go down as one of the greatest characters in existence. Haruko ROCKS! :D

 Got Milk?
Title: Got Milk?
Subject: Oh! Super Milk-Chan
The best new anime to Adult Swim :D Oh! Super Milk-Chan is adorable, hilarious, and addictive - one of those love it or hate it shows. I adore it.

 Designer Chocolate
Title: Designer Chocolate
Subject: Pocky
My delicious addiction!! :9 Come on, have you ever met a person who didn't like Pocky? :P

 Lover, Fighter!
Title: Lover, Fighter!
Subject: Rashiku Ikimashou
My favorite Sailormoon song! I used to get up in the morning and listen to this, but I'd get distracted and be late for school :D It's such a wonderful song :)

 Ride On Shooting Star
Title: Ride On Shooting Star
Subject: Ride On Shooting Star
This song is just flat-out awesome and addictive. I couldn't unhook myself from it when I first heard it. Perfect to sing along with, or just rock out! :D Cross-listed in Songs: Bands/Groups at TFL and Songs at TAFL.

 Adventure Awaits...
Title: Adventure Awaits...
Subject: Sonic Adventure
Words cannot express how much I love this game. By far the best Sonic game Dreamcast had to offer, it was amazing, breathtaking even.

 Sonic Groove
Title: Sonic Groove
Subject: Sonic the Hedgehog (Series) Music
The music of the Sonic Series is by far my favorite music of any game series, and I LOVE game music. The tunes are always fresh, catchy and fitting, and always add a beautiful new dimension to the games. Ever since I was but a wee child I loved Sonic music, especially with the coming of Sonic 2. I'm so happy to run this fanlisting :)

Title: Look-A-Like
Subject: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (Sonic Anime)
The best of Sonic animations! A wonderful movie, Sonic Anime is my favorite take on Sonic and Eggman's personalities. It's filled with the Sonic action I love to see and plenty of comedy. A must-have for Sonic fans, I'd say.

 my delight!
Title: my delight!
Subject: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu: Bouken Desho Desho? (Opening Theme)

 Skies of Prairie
Title: Skies of Prairie
Subject: Tail Concerto
A wonderful game for PlayStation, I think Tail Concerto is a game with heart that should be considered a must-have.

 Deep Fried
Title: Deep Fried
Subject: Tempura
I can't think about tempura without getting hungry. Tempura takes fried food to a whole new realm of yumminess, of course with soy sauce and dipping sauce on the side. Now I'm hungry...

 Dancing Star
Title: Dancing Star
Subject: Urusei Yatsura

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