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Design Evolution

Exhibit A
This is an early Eggman from the Sonic 1/Sonic 2 era. Eggman is always in his floating pod which serves as a getaway when he loses. With thin legs like his, maybe he can't stand walking much.

Exhibit B
Another early Eggman. Here we see he has neat, even teeth.

Exhibit C
This is Robotnik from the SatAM Sonic cartoon. He is partially roboticized by one of his machines, his head is more on the egg-shaped side, and his outfit is heavily altered. Also note here he has big legs and fat thighs. Pig out much?

Exhibit D
Sonic Adventure Eggman. He is taller and more modern, as his outfit is given new details and shape. His body is more egg-shaped and he has new goggles atop his head.

Exhibit E
Another SA Eggman. Now he's happy!

Exhibit F
Sonic Adventure 2 Eggman. The floating pod is put aside for a walking, shooting mech. Between Eggman and the mech, this combo must weigh a ton. :D

Exhibit G
Sonic X's Eggman is pretty much the same as SA's Eggman. He's angry again. Damn Sonic!