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The cast consists of:

Mac - A 8 year old boy with a pure imagination and a shy, sensitive nature.
"Let's BLOO this!"
Voice: Sean Marquette

Bloo - A mischievous blue imaginary friend who takes up residence at Foster's with no risk of being adopted, under the condition that Mac visits every day.
"Don't even think about it brokey, only people with money get to look at stuff!"
Voice: Keith Ferguson

Mr. Herriman - A seven-foot rabbit who is Madame Foster's imaginary friend, he is strict and orderly and NOT a butler. ;)
"Why, I'd never!"
Voice: Tom Kane

Madame Foster - a little old lady who opened her home, a hallway-filled Victorian-style mansion, to all the imaginary friends who were gotten rid of. Small and kind, she allows Bloo to stay at Foster's so long as Mac visits daily.
"I had to survive on toothpaste."
Voice: Candi Milo

Francis "Frankie" Foster - Madame Foster's 22-year-old granddaughter works at Foster's, keeping everything running smoothly as possible.
"Here's your streamer, Bugs."
Voice: Grey Delisle

Wilt - a tall, sporty friend with a wonky eye and a missing arm. He's very kind and apologetic, almost to a fault.
"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"
Voice: Phil LaMarr

Eduardo - A beastly friend who would want nothing more than to take care of a child, if he wasn't afraid of them.
"AAAGH! WHAT IS THAT? GET AWAY GET AWAY! It steal my soul..."
Voice: Tom Kenny

Coco - more than just a bit on the crazy side, Coco can only say "coco" and can lay plastic eggs with all sorts of items inside when she's excited.
"Cocococococococo coCO!"
Voice: Candi Milo

Terrence - Mac's bullying older brother who stops at no end to torment him.
"I KNOW just how stupid I-- ....."
Voice: Tara Strong

Duchess - formerly known as Her Royal Duchess Diamond Persnickety the First, Last, and Only, Duchess is a "pedigree" friend with a snooty attitude. She wants to be adopted so she can leave the home, but no one wants her.
"Imported water ONLY! I don't care if you have to run a pipe from here to the Swiss Alps!"
Voice: Grey Delisle