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Episode 001: House of Bloo's
Mac is forced to get rid of Bloo, and takes him to Foster's. When Bloo unintentionally ruins Duchess' chance to get adopted, she seeks revenge against him. Mac has to step in and save his friend.
Title Parody/Reference: "House of Blues"
Original Air Date: August 13, 2004

Episode 002: Store Wars
It's Madame Foster's Birthday, and Frankie has to go pick up some streamers from the mall. The imaginary gang tags along and runs amok.
Title Parody/Reference: Star Wars
Credits Loop: Bloo blahs as mall employees hold dancint cactuses to his back.
Original Air Date: August 20, 2004

Episode 003: The Trouble with Scribbles
Bloo opens the forbidden Secret Door in Foster's and releases the scribbles, tons of useless thoughts. They are nuisances to the residents, but Mac and Bloo don't want them to be put back in the door...
Credits Loop: Mac and Bloo sit on the bed, pondering.
Original Air Date: August 27, 2004

Episode 003: Busted
Mr. Herriman overwhelms Bloo with his strict rules about any and everything. Frustrated, Bloo accidentally knocks over Herriman's bust of Madame Foster, shattering it. The gang tries to repair the bust before Herriman busts Bloo and has him evicted.
Credits Loop: Bloo and the gang stand and stare at the bust as random friends walk by.
Original Air Date: September 3, 2004

Episode 004: Dinner is Swerved
Bloo takes Mac to the roof of the Foster home. Mac is late to get home and a very hungry Bloo is late for dinner, but neither can find their way to the main floor. Mr. Herriman refuses to allow anyone to eat until Bloo comes to dinner.
Title Parody/Reference: Dinner is Served
Credits Loop: Bloo plays air guitar as Mac stares.
Original Air Date: September 10, 2004

Episode 005: World Wide Wabbit
While videotaping footage of Foster's Home for an online ad, Mac records an unaware Mr. Herriman in an embarassing act. Bloo and Frankie find it hilarious and distribute it against Mac's will, causing things to get way out of hand.
Title Parody/Reference: World Wide Web
Credits Loop: Herriman's movie, "The Two Goofballs in Silly Shenanigans." Simply Mac and Bloo staring in an old-time film style.
Original Air Date: September 17, 2004

Episode 006: Berry Scary
A new, cute-but-psychotic imaginary friend named Berry moves into Foster's. She immediately falls for Bloo, who is too self-absorbed to notice her advances. When Mac comes into the picture, Berry becomes insanely jealous and tries to split them apart so she can have Bloo for herself (though Bloo still has no interest in her).
Title Parody/Reference: Very Scary
Credits Loop: Episode clips of Bloo calling Berry different names.
Original Air Date: September 24, 2004

Episode 007:
Seeing Red: Terrence decides to make an imaginary friend to take on Bloo while he takes on Mac, since he can't handle both at once. He executes his idea with his newly created friend Red, but only half of his plans work...
Phone Home: Bloo becomes jealous of Wilt's constant status as friend of the month and decides to go rescue an imaginary friend to steal the spotlight and make Wilt jealous. His target: A man stuck in a cellphone costume whom Bloo doesn't realize isn't imaginary...
Title Parody/Reference: Phone Home is the popular line from the move E.T.
Credits Loop: Red holds the man in the phone suit and tries to call Bloo.
Original Air Date: October 1, 2004

Episode 008: Who Let The Dogs In
Eduardo is surprisingly not afraid of dogs, and sneaks a stray puppy he finds into Foster's. The puppy leaves hints and traces of itself around Foster's, which horrifies Mr. Herriman, as he is terrified of dogs. If keeping one puppy a secret is hard, imagine how difficult it becomes when Mac brings in eleven more...
Title Parody/Reference: Who Let The Dogs Out (song)
Credits Loop: Nameless friend with tongues for feet walks the hall, saying it tastes terrible until he finds some spilled orange juice.
Original Air Date: October 8, 2004

Episode 009: Adoptcalypse Now
It's Adopt-a-Thought Saturday at Foster's. All the friends head outside to meet new families in hopes of being adopted while Bloo must stay inside since he is not up for adoption. When Jokey, a friend of Mac and Bloo's, gets adopted, Mac realizes he's in danger of losing all his close friends. He and Bloo scheme together to prevent this by trying to get all the friends inside the house, and all the families out of the estate. Extremely hilarious episode.
Title Parody/Reference: Apocalypse Now
Credits Loop: Bloo dances comically on the porch.
Original Air Date: October 15, 2004

Episode 010: Blooooo
Both Mac and Bloo get sick from playing in the mud and rain. Bloo turns pale gradually until he is completely white and spewing tons of green snot, exactly like the cannibal ghost in the horror movie Wilt and Eduardo watch. When Bloo goes moaning around the house, they are terrified that the Cannibal Ghost has come to scare them to death and eat their ghosts.
Title Parody/Reference: Boo
Credits Loop: Episode clips of everyone yelling and screaming.
Original Air Date: October 22, 2004

Episode 011: Partying is Such Sweet Soiree
Madame Foster and Frankie leave for the day. Madame Foster leaves the house in Mr. Herriman's care, and says there are to be no wild parties. Bloo, of course, throws a wild party, after tricking Mr. Herriman into leaving. Herriman returns very angry, and Bloo points out that since he was in charge, Madame Foster will be angry at him. They team up to find Mac, who is high on sugar and roaming the city naked, and bring him back before Madame Foster returns.
Title Parody/Reference: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
Credits Loop: Fridgey running down the street.
Original Air Date: January 21, 2005

Episode 012: The Big Leblooski
Madame Foster reveals her ugly side when an old rival of her steals her bowling team. Mac suggests that him and the friends make up her new team. With a bit of work, the friends show some great game - except Mac. Bloo, who was initially uninvited to play on the team, becomes Mac's replacement when he unwittingly bowls a strike. Mac, wanting to be part of the team, starts taking lessons from a friend named Bowling Paul in hopes he can make it back on the team.
Title Parody/Reference: The Big Lebowski
Credits Loop: Eduardo bowls and everyone watches. The slow ball bounces off the pin.
Original Air Date: January 28, 2005

Episode 013
Where There's a Wilt There's a Way - Wilt wants to see the big basketball game, but he gets caught up doing favors for everyone else. He has tremendous difficulty with saying "no"...
Everyone Knows It's Bendy - A naughty new friend named Bendy is given to Foster's. Bendy continually makes mischief and gives the blame to the innocent friends. The friends try to get Bendy caught by Herriman and Frankie, who both fall for Bendy's false tears.
Title Parody/Reference: Where There's A Will There's A Way / Everyone Knows its Slinky
Credits Loop: Wilt walks the hall and sees on the wall: Wilt, clean this up. -Bendy.
Original Air Date: February 4, 2005

Episode 014
Sight For Sore Eyes - Mac rescues a lost imaginary friend named Ivan. Silly, forgetful Ivan got seperated from his blind creator Stevie (who resembles Stevie Wonder). Mac and Bloo run around trying to find the boy before danger comes to him.
Bloo's Brothers - Mac does a show-and-tell project on Bloo to promote adoptions at Foster's. His classmates, instead of trying to adopt friends, imagine friends just like Bloo, but not quite. They then leave the dud Bloos at Foster's. Mac has to figure out which Bloo is his before the start of the Ice Charades show they have tickets for.
Title Parody/Reference:Blues Brothers
Credits Loop: The Bloos march by as Ivan looks for Stevie.
Original Air Date: March 4, 2005

Episode 015: Cookie Dough
The roof of the home needs to be repaired, and Bloo tries to help by selling lemonade - in winter. When a woman offers to buy one of Madame Foster's triple chocolate chip cookies, Mac and Bloo begin selling her cookies and make enough money to repair the roof. However, Bloo isn't done, and takes Madame Foster's recipe to sell cookies and make himself rich while the other friends work for him. Of course, this ends in disaster.
Title Parody/Reference: double entrendre
Credits Loop: Frankie scarfing cookies.
Original Air Date: March 11, 2005

Episode 016: Frankie My Dear
Mac and Bloo both fall for Frankie, as do the pizza guy and Prince Charming, a new imaginary friend. Problem is, Frankie isn't interested in any of them. The four team up in an attempt to get Frankie away from her new guy.
Title Parody/Reference: Gone With The Wind (Frankly, my dear...)
Credits Loop: Mac/Bloo/Pizza guy in the trenchcoat poking the steak with a spoon before finally tossing the spoon away.
Original Air Date: March 18, 2005

Episode 017: Mac Daddy
Mac wakes up to find an imaginary friend named Cheese in his bed. Thinking that he accidentally made him, Mac takes Cheese to Foster's, where he his weirdness and strange smell keep him from being a very welcome resident.
Credits Loop: Cheese spouting his various lines.
Original Air Date: May 6, 2005

Episode 018: Squeakerboxxx
The Fosters team win a pink squeaky elephant toy at the arcade, and argue over who gets to play with it. Frankie gives everyone a two hour turn, which isn't enough for Bloo, who is addicted to the squeaking sensation.
Title Parody/Reference: Speakerboxxx, CD by Big Boi of Outkast
Credits Loop: Bloo riding a bumbling bee ride at the arcade.
Original Air Date: May 13, 2005

Episode 019: Beat With A Schtick
Bloo entertains the friends of the house with his impersonations and jokes, except the new friend who happens to be a giant monster who threatens Bloo.
Title Parody/Reference: Beat with a stick
Credits Loop: Mr. Herriman hitting the model Bloo.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2005

Episode 020: Sweet Stench of Success
Bloo becomes a celebrity by playing Deo, a mascot for Deo brand deodorant. Problem is, his manager won't let him go back to Foster's.
Title Parody/Reference: Sweet Smell of Success
Credits Loop: Doctor from variety show dancing as Bloo watches.
Original Air Date: May 27, 2005

Episode 021: Bye Bye Nerdy
Bloo sees Mac working in the classroom while everyone is playing during recess, and is convinced Mac is a humongous nerd. He then tries to make Mac cool so he can maintain his own reputation.
Title Parody/Reference: Bye Bye Birdy
Original Air Date: July 1, 2005

Episode 022: Bloo Done It
The first friend to take residence at Foster's Home, Uncle Pockets returns. Considered the greatest imaginary friend ever, Bloo becomes jealous and suspicious of this friend and tries to defame him.
Title Parody/Reference: Who Done It?
Credits Loop: Dramatic image of Bloo fighting Evil Pockets.
Original Air Date: July 8, 2005

Episode 023: My So-Called Wife
A benefactor is looking to donate money to a cause and Foster's Home is one of the candidates. The benefactor mistakes a very naughty Coco for Herriman's wife, so Herriman attempts to train her in order to impress him.
Title Parody/Reference: My So-Called Life (tv show)
Original Air Date: July 15, 2005

Episode 024: Eddie Monster
Eduardo runs away from home, tired of being called a scaredy cat. Terrence finds him and passes him off as his extremosaur so that he can enter him in extremosaur fights.
Title Parody/Reference: Eddie Munster from The Munsters (tv show)
Original Air Date: July 22, 2005

Episode 025: Hiccy Burp
Mac's obnoxious classmate Richie and his imaginary friend Blake Superior compete in an imaginary friends pageant against Mac and Bloo, who plans to compete for the honor of his endless hiccups.
Credits Loop: Eduardo comes home with Bloo's hiccups.
Original Air Date: September 5, 2005

Episode 026: Camp Keep a Good Mac Down
The Foster's gang goes on a camping trip. Bloo eating all of the food is just one of the many mishaps that ensue.
Title Parody/Reference: Can't Keep a Good Man Down
Original Air Date: September 9, 2005

Episode 027: Imposter's Home For Um... Make 'Em Up Pals
A guy claiming to be a friend named Goofball John McGee turns up at Foster's to take residence. He drives Frankie, who believes he's pulling a fast one, up the wall.
Title Parody/Reference: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!
Credits Loop: Bloo climbs a bookshelf despite Frankie's warnings. When he falls off, he puts a quarter in Frankie's "Frankie is Right" jar.
Original Air Date: September 16, 2005

Episode 028: Duchess of Wails
Duchess finally gets adopted by a family immune to her meanness! Unfortunately, that family happens to be Mac's neighbors. As Duchess makes noise all day and night, Mac's mom says they will have to move if it doesn't stop. Mac and Bloo decide they need to get Duchess back into Foster's so the don't lose one another.
Title Parody/Reference: Duchess of Wales
Original Air Date: September 23, 2005

Episode 029: Foster's Goes To Europe
Mac wins tickets to Europe and wants his Foster's friends to come along. Unfortunately Bloo doesn't want to go, Coco is afraid of planes, and everyone else finds reasons to delay. Not to mention EuroTrish wants a ticket to go and see her creator.
Credits Loop: EuroTrish goes home singing. Her owner looks out the window and tells her to stop singing - it was the reason they sent her away in the first place.
Original Air Date: November 4, 2005

Episode 030: Go Goo Go
Mac meets Goo, a girl with an overactive imagination who can't stop making imaginary friends. Frankie and Herriman want her to stay away, but Goo wants to spend as much time as possible with her new non-imaginary friend...
Credits Loop: Small people imagined by Goo wait for Coco to arrive, thinking of her as their airplane.
Original Air Date: November 11, 2005

Episode 031: Crime after Crime
Herriman steals all the carrots in the home, hopelessly addicted to them. He tries to hide the evidence while Bloo tries to get himself sent to bed without dinner to avoid eating Frankie and Madame Foster's dish known as "it."
Title Parody/Reference: Cyndi Lauper's Time after Time
Credits Loop: Frankie forces Bloo to eat tons of "it" for all the messes he made trying to get sent to bed.
Original Air Date: November 18, 2005

Episode 032: Land of the Flea
Eduardo gets imaginary fleas from his puppy. The fleas love Eduardo, which determines him to keep them safe from harm - even though the itching is driving him insane.
Title Parody/Reference: Land of the Free (Star-Spangled Banner)
Original Air Date: November 25, 2005

Episode 033: A Lost Claus
Mac questions his faith in Santa when a hoard of imaginary Santas enter Foster's. Meanwhile, Bloo tries to prove Santa's existence while attempting to make Herriman give him more than one present.
Title Parody/Reference: A Lost Cause
Credits Loop: The friends are opening presents while Herriman is running frantically, wanting the Christmas Ghosts to leave him be.
Original Air Date: December 1, 2005

Episode 034: One False Movie
Mac has to make a movie for school, but he is unsure if it is interesting. He leaves it to Bloo to edit it, and Bloo edits in rude noises that leave Eduardo thinking he has a "pooting problem." Meanwhile, Mac is assigned by the principal to make a new movie for the film festival, and he has to leave it to Bloo to make one that won't disappoint.
Title Parody/Reference: One false move
Original Air Date: February 10, 2006

Episode 035: Setting a President
When everyone becomes fed up yet again with Mr. Herriman's rules, Frankie decides to run for house president. Bloo decides that he too wants to run. Bloo and Herriman team up when they realize Frankie is a much tougher opponent than they expected.
Original Air Date: February 17, 2006

Episode 036: Room with a Feud
A friend named Pointdexter moves out, leaving behind his empty single room. The friends argue as to which one should have their own room.
Title Parody/Reference: One false move
Original Air Date: March 16, 2006

Episode 037: Cuckoo for Coco Cards
Coco makes imaginary friend trading cards for the field trip students who visit the home. Bloo becomes obsessed with making a complete collection, and Coco only makes it harder for him by making more cards.
Title Parody/Reference: Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs
Credits Loop: Gumbo floats higher and higher with his giant gum bubble, even while wearing cement bricks on his feet.
Original Air Date: March 24, 2006

Episode 038: Challenge of the Superfriends
Imaginary Man, a superhero imaginary friend, comes to Foster's and chooses Mac as his sidekick. When Bloo fails to join the dynamic duo, he joins up with Imaginary Man's nemesis, Nemesis.
Original Air Date: April 28, 2006

Episode 039: The Big Picture
The house prepares for its annual house photo, while Mac and Bloo try to figure out why one of the previous house photos is completely empty.
Original Air Date: May 5, 2006

Episode 040: Squeeze the Day
The house goes to the beach and leaves Bloo home alone. When Mac visits, the two try to see how much fun they can squeeze into one day.
Title Parody/Reference: Seize the Day
Original Air Date: May 12, 2006

Episode 041: Neighbor Pains
The house holds another Adopt-a-Thought Saturday with Goo using her new adoption method. Unfortunately Old Man Rivers is out to stop the event if the friends continue to step on his property.
Title Parody/Reference: Labor Pains
Original Air Date: May 19, 2006

Episode 042: Infernal Slumber
The friends hold a slumber party at Mac's house. He tries hard to get them to keep quiet... before his mother and brother wake up!
Title Parody/Reference: Eternal slumber
Original Air Date: July 17, 2006

Episode 043: I Only Have Surprise For You
Mac is afraid that Bloo is going to hold another humiliating surprise birthday party for him. He struggles to remove any trace of a party from the entire house, thinking they are all in on it... are they?
Title Parody/Reference: I only have eyes for you
Original Air Date: July 27, 2006

Episode 044: Bus the Two of Us
Bloo hijacks the Foster's bus and gets lost with Mac. Will Wilt confess to Bloo's whereabouts?
Title Parody/Reference: Just the two of us
Original Air Date: August 1, 2006

Episode 045: The Big Cheese
Mr. Herriman sets up a security system to keep Cheese out while the house is featured on TV. The plan backfires when Herriman loses the security code and only Cheese has it. Can they figure out how to make him tell?
Original Air Date: August 7, 2006