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 Checkers:  Chu Chu Rocket:  Gunbound:  Kirby:  Monopoly:  Parappa the Rapper:  Sega:  Sega Genesis/Megadrive:  Sonic 2 - Sweet Sweet Sweet:  Sonic Adventure:  Sonic Adventure: Believe in Myself:  Sonic Adventure: Chao:  Sonic Heroes: This Machine:  Sonic the Hedgehog 2:  Sonic the Hedgehog 3:  Sonic the Hedgehog Music:  Sonic the Hedgehog: Dr. Eggman:  Sonic the Hedgehog: Espio the Chameleon:  Sonic the Hedgehog: Miles  Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow the Hedgehog:  Sorry!:  Super Mario: Luigi:  Tail Concerto:  Um Jammer Lammy:  Uno:  Video Game Remixes:

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