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Um Jammer Lammy is one of the predecessors of the PlayStation hit Parappa the Rapper. Instead of playing as a rapping pooch, you play as Lammy, a shy lamb with serious guitar skills. Lammy is part of a band called Milkcan, whose big performance is in 15 minutes - can she get to her show on time?

The game consists of the same unique visuals as Parappa - flat characters in a 3D cartoony environment. The music is just as delicious as ever, and the replay value has been amplified with new versus, team and extra hidden modes. I always have a real blast playing Lammy.

The cast includes:

Lammy - the world's loudest lamb! When Lammy is lacking confidence (which is often), she pulls out her electric guitar and her real inner strength.

Katy Kat - Lead singer and bassist of MilkCan. On the self-centered, boastful side.

Ma-san - Drummer for MilkCan, she talks in trills and plays drums with her big pwerful arms. She has a firecracker on her head and her father owns a pharmacy.

Chop Chop Master Onion - Chop Chop is back from Parappa, appearing to Lammy in a dream. His dojo is gone, save for in his thoughts - where it also has a casino! "Dojo, casino, it's all in the mind."

Chief Puddle - the fire department chief dalmatian.

Cathy Pillar - a caterpillar running an after-school sale on giving birth to children (?!).

Captain Fusenpepper - a pilot with a split personality triggered by blows to the head. He goes from strict military disciplinarian to hungry, sleepy old man.

Paul Chuck - a beaver who owns a guitar shop. I adore his chainsaw, which says "BITE ME".

Teriyaki Yoko - an idol in hell singing her hellbent lament.