Super Milk-Chan is a set of 8-minute animated shorts that grew a cult following, which spawned the series Oh! Super Milk-Chan. The show is about Milk, a tempermental, whiny 5-year old superhero with a potty mouth and no actual super powers. How clever. :) Milk lives with Tetsuko, her punching-bag of an assistant robot, and Hanage, her pet slug. Every day the President calls upon Milk to solve another catastrophe. Does Milk do it in style and flair? Nope. This is what makes it brilliant.

ADV films picked up the SMC series and has released them on DVDs that contain Super Milk-Chan (the original shorts, also known as Vintage Milk-Chan), Oh! Super Milk-Chan, and The Super Milk Chan Show - a version of Oh! Super Milk-Chan that has the live-action portions replaced with skits of the ADV crew, and the Japanese pop-cult jokes are Americanized. Many people have their own preference to which version of Milk-Chan they like. :)

In Super Milk-Chan, Milk lives with her pet Hanage and the robot Tetsuko. Her house is stuck to the side of a building and she is too poor to pay rent. Luckily for her the President calls her asking for help on special missions.

In Oh! Super Milk-Chan, Milk is still not paying her rent, but still helping the President by going on missions. The new characters are Ooya, the landlord, Robo-dog, an obnoxious robotic pup, and Dr. Eyepatch, the inventor who makes robots and crafts to help Milk on her missions.