Milk's Story of Rice Cakes Stretching and Shrinking
(US Title: The Games People Play)

Milk plays video games while demanding Tetsuko make her rice cakes. When Tetsuko brings them to her, Milk refuses to eat them because they aren't stretchy enough. She decides to go to Kings Lab and ask for a ricecake making machine. Dr. Eyepatch gives her a rice pounder that is toilet-like in shape. Milk makes Tetsuko stay outside all night and mix the rice as the machine pounds it while she feigns illness and goes to sleep. The next morning Tetsuko gives her the rice cake, which is tiny. Milk toasts it, and it expands like a hot-air balloon and floats away. Milk tosses Hanage at it but he gets stuck to it. The President calls and explains that a rice farmer's baby was taken by a large bird, and the reward is a large quantity of rice. As Milk searches, Hanage sees the bird and the baby. He launches himself at the bird, making it drop the baby, and slams into the ground himself. The baby gets hooked on a streetlight and they take it down. Hanage gets no credit (or rice) from Milk because she feels he didn't pull his weight.