Milk's Story of Ra-Ra-Raccoon Dog, Heisei Pig Wars Oink Oink
(US Title: ???)

An American parody! This episode features a lookalike of KFC creator Colonel Sanders, who owns a factory that produces pork legs. The mainly machine-operated factory features a laser gun designed by Kings Idea Labs that shoots pigs and sends their bodies into another dimension, save for their legs. While the Sanders lookalike is harassing his female employee, he accidentally hits a button that disables the laser. In this time, Tonkichi and Tonko, two pigs in love, escape the conveyor belt and leave the factory. The owner hires someone to go after them. Meanwhile, the President calls Milk and tells her about the runaway pigs and tells her to find them. Milk lazes off in front of the TV instead, disinterested. Later on she sees the pigs on TV, arriving in a country where pork isn't eaten. Everyone is cheering for the piggy pair as they happily embrace and wave, but the hired agent shoots them from a distance with the pork leg laser. Milk declares the mission complete.