Milk's Story of The Virtual Sound System
(US Title: ???)

The "virtual sound system" is two people doing sound effects with only their mouths throughout the episode. The day begins with a pop - Milk's chicken has laid an egg. (We will not ask where she got a chicken from). Milk uses Tetsuko to distract the violent chicken while she collects the egg for an omelet breakfast. She finds a large, colorful egg in the nest along with the normal egg, and takes the large egg. Tetsuko makes omelets for the Milk trio and they eat while watching the news. A report comes on stating that a T-Rex egg has gone missing - the exact egg they're eating. The President calls and asks Milk to investigate the missing egg. Milk, trying not to let anyone find out they ate it, notices the President sounds sad and asks why. The President explains that his cat, Kanchi, has gone missing. Milk kindly reasuures the President that she will find the cat and tells him to listen to some music and cheer up. The depressed President spends his day dancing/exercising in the nude on his desk all day while weeping over Kanchi.

Milk goes to Dr. Eyepatch for a machine to help her, but gets Robodog again. They search various locations to no avail when Tetsuko researches and discovers Nyan-Nyan World, a place full of cats. They go there and find Kanchi, and Milk reads her a sorrowful letter from the President. Kanchi weeps and agrees to go back to him, and so the mission is complete.