Milk's Story of Financial Decay Peninsula
(US Title: ???)

The animation in this episode is full of (intentional) boo-boos, most likely the reason is "financial decay." The President gives Milk a new mission: investigating the theft of luggage from old people. Milk gets a robot from Eyepatch to help her, an old man robot that is fueled by ramen. Milk, Hanage, and Tetsuko take the robot out for ramen to charge it up, then leave the ramen shop. As they leave, Ooya walks in. He talks to the ramen cook and then notices his luggage (wallet/coin purse) is missing and thinks it must have been stolen. He yells frantically, which alerts Milk and makes her look inside the ramen shop. Ooya finds his purse on the floor and calms down. Milk sees that Ooya found his missing goods and declares the mission complete.