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Parappa the Rapper was one of the earlier games released on the Sony PlayStation. The game is about Parappa, a rapping pup who wants nothing more than to win the heart of the girl of his dreams. What made this game unique is the gameplay system; it's a rather unique music game. To play, you must hit the buttons you see on the screen correctly and to the rhythm. It may sound simple or cheesy, but it is far from it - the game is colorful, addictive, and tons of fun to play. You can also save level plays and replay them like a music video of sorts.

The cast includes:

Parappa - the star of the show wants to win over the girl of his dreams, Sunny Funny. He's willing to do anything to impress her, which leads him to go as far as to learn karate, take driving lessons and even perform in a live concert. He tends to be a bit shy and insecure, but by believing in himself he learns he can do anything he sets his mind to. By rapping with several masters throughout the game, his skills become sublime! :)

Sunny Funny - the daisy-girl Parappa likes. She's kind, sweet, and pretty, a prize for any boy, which causes some competition for Parappa, mainly in the form of...

Joe Chin - obnoxious, rich and talkative sums him up. He uses his money and extensive vocabulary to try and impress Sunny. He is named as such because of his huge chin.

PJ Berri - Parappa's best buddy is PJ, a teddy who loves to eat, sleep, and DJ in large quantities each. He plays phat beats while Parappa's rapping, or spends his time at Phat Donut eating with his pals.

Katy Kat - A cat who loves to dance and party, Katy has good intentions but more on the fierce side in terms of attitude.

Chop Chop Master Onion - a karate teacher who teaches Parappa karate when he wants to be a hero. Chop Chop is a feisty onion who makes appearances in all Parappa games. Kick, punch!

Instructor Mooselini - When Parappa decides to learn to drive, he seeks Mooselini's help to get his license. Mooselini is a moose with a great sound but a strict countenance.

Prince Fleaswallow - Parappa gets into an accident... in his father's car. He takes up a job at Fleaswallow's flea market to pay for the repairs. Fleaswallow is a laid back frog who believes the most important things are love, and money.

Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken - Sunny's birthday is a day away and Parappa needs a cake for the party, so he tunes into Cheap Cheap's show for a quick lesson in making seafood cake. Cheap Cheap is a chicken with a lot of attitude.

MC King Kong Mushi - MC is performing at Rodney's big party at Club Fun, and he pulls Parappa onto stage to perform with him.

Parappa the Rapper spawned two more games: Um Jammer Lammy, about a guitar-playing lamb, and Parappa the Rapper 2, for PS2. What makes these games great is not only gameplay, but also the fantastic music, which is a combination of rap, rock, r&b, reggae, country, and more.

I absolutely adore Parappa (and Lammy too)! The game is so much fun to play and the characters are adorable. There is a Parappa anime in Japan consisting of 40 episodes that I am dying to see. I hope that someday they will be subbed and brought to the US for the Parappa fans over here :)

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