This is a soon-to-be complete collection of lyrics from the various Sonic games, old and new.

Sonic 2
Sweet Sweet Sweet

Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
You're My Hero

Sonic CD
You Can Do Anything (Japan OP)
Cosmic Eternity (Japan ED)
Sonic Boom (USA OP Ver.)
Sonic Boom (USA ED Ver.)

Sonic R
Super Sonic Racing
Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Resort Island)
Living in the City (Radical City)
Back in Time (Regal Ruin)
Work it Out (Reactive Factory)
Diamond in the Sky (Radiant Emerald)
You're My Number One (ED)

Sonic Adventure
Open Your Heart (Main Theme)
It Doesn't Matter
Believe In Myself
Unknown from ME
My Sweet Passion
Lazy Days ~Living In Paradise~

Sonic Adventure 2
Live and Learn
Throw It All Away
Fly In The Freedom
Wild Canyon
Pumpkin Hill
Aquatic Mine
Death Chamber
Meteor Herd
Rhythm & Balance
Final Chase
For True Story (Sonic vs. Shadow #2)
Supporting Me

Sonic Heroes
Sonic Heroes
We Can
Follow Me
This Machine
Team Chaotix
What I'm Made Of