Kick the Rock (Wild Canyon)

This is Knuckles
and I'm back, I been away for a while
but I'm here to kick some butt in Wild Canyon
I shall find all the lost pieces of the Master Emerald here
I'm gonna get those fools
they wanna play with my emeralds
they playin' with the wrong guy

That's what I'm representin'
Never seen a mic hog spit like a menace
Wild Canyon fun
I gotta chase a bat, ha
yeah Rouge, she's sexy & smooth
a double-cross spy thief that's out for a jewels, ah
I feel her watch in mysterious ways
That's why I stay on point like every single day
I gotta protect this place I do it for my race aaghh! aaghh!

yeah you know how it is
yo yo
throw your hands up
come on come on

Ain't nobody gonna come here and eat my plate, no!
Yo, what happen, my emeralds gone
Somebody gonna get theirs quick, my word is bond
Who coulda did this - that snitch named Rouge
When I catch her I'm'a get her with with these tools
There you are, c'mere little thief
Think you can fly and get away quick, uh-uh
Give up the emerald or die I don't love you