Knuckles' Chaotix

Note: This list also counts for Sonic Crackers, which is what this game was originally intended to be. "Child March - Speed Slider Boss" was remixed into "Odd March" for the Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg Soundtrack.

01 Overture (Intro)
02 This Horizon (Title Screen)
03 Have A Happy Day! (Data Selection)
04 Take A Nap (Introduction)
05 Steel Heart (Metal Sonic Appearance)
06 High Five (A New Partner)
07 Combination (Practice Stage)
08 Door Into Summer (Newtrogic High Zone)
09 Take Off (Choose Your Character!)
10 Walkin' (World Entrance Morning)
11 Hyper-Hyper (World Entrance Afternoon)
12 Evening Star (World Entrance Sunset)
13 Moonrise (World Entrance Night)
14 Chaotic World (Attraction Slots)
15 Nice Meeting You! (Decision Of Partner)
16 Midnight Greenhouse (Botanic Base Zone)
17 Have Some Fun (Zone Boss Appearance)
18 Pendulum (Botanic Base Boss Attack)
19 Reach The Goal! (Stage Clear)
20 From Party To Party! (Good Return To Entrance)
21 Mechanical Dance (Bad Return To Entrance)
22 Speed Of Sound (Speed Slider Zone)
23 Child's Song (Speed Slider Boss Attack!)
24 Labyrinth (Amazing Arena Zone - Lights Off)
25 Trial And Error (Amazing Arena Miniboss)
26 New Moon (Amazing Arena Zone - Lights On)
27 Silver Screen (Amazing Arena Boss Attack)
28 Seascape (Marina Madness Zone)
29 Soda Pop (Marina Madness Boss Attack)
30 Electoria (Techno Tower Zone)
31 Crystal Nightmare (Techno Tower Boss Attack)
32 Decision (Unused Theme)
33 Decision 2nd (Decision Theme)
34 Surging Power (Invincibility)
35 Tachy Touch (Bonus Stage)
36 Tube Panic (Special Stage)
37 Surprise! (Metal Sonic Attaction Battle)
38 Oriental Legend (Final Battle! VS Hyper Metal Sonic)
39 Destructive Power (Bad Staff Roll)
40 Tribute! (Good Ending)
41 Just Another Day (Good Staff Roll)
42 Sonic Crackers Map Screen (Techno Tower Remix)
43 Sonic Crackers Game Over