Sonic Team Power Play

Note: This CD is a collection of the theme songs from various Sonic Team games: Sonic CD, Sonic R, Burning Rangers, NiGHTs, and the first preview of Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure (which was a hidden track).

01 Dreams Dreams (Kids Version, NiGHTS)
02 Dreams Dreams (Acapella Version, Christmas NiGHTS)
03 Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R)
04 Can You Feel The Sunshine (Sonic R)
05 Number One (Sonic R)
06 Angels With Burning Hearts (Burning Rangers)
07 We Are Burning Rangers!
08 I Just Smile (Burning Rangers)
09 Toot Toot Sonic Warrior (Sonic CD)
10 Cosmic Eternity (Sonic CD)
11 Dreams Dreams (Sweet Mix In Holy Night, NiGHTs)
12 Open Your Heart (Powerplay Version, Sonic Adventure)