Sonic R (Racing)

01 Title Screen.mp3
02 On Your Mark, Get Set!.mp3
03 The Race Is Over!.mp3
04 Options Screen.mp3
05 Resort Island (Can You Feel The Sunshine) .mp3
06 Radical City (Livin' In The City).mp3
07 Regal Ruin (Back In Time).mp3
08 Reactive Factory (Work It Out).mp3
09 Radiant Emerald (Diamond In The Sky).mp3
10 Super Sonic Racing.mp3
11 Resort Island Instrumental.mp3
12 Radical City Instrumental.mp3
13 Regal Ruin Instrumental.mp3
14 Reactive Factory Instrumental.mp3
15 Radiant Emerald Instrumental.mp3
16 Super Sonic Racing Instrumental.mp3
17 You're My Number One! (Ending Theme).mp3
18 Failed Special Stage.mp3
19 You Got A Chaos Emerald!.mp3
20 Race Stats.mp3
21 Work It Out (Red Raw Mix).mp3
22 Super Sonic Racing (X-Tra Club Mix).mp3