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Urusei Yatsura is Rumiko Takahashi's series about the lecherous young Ataru Moroboshi, who accidentally proposes to alien princess Lum. Lum is a tiger-striped bikini-clad sweetheart from space, who wants to marry Ataru but instead has to try to keep him from hitting on any girl he sees! Combine that with complex love triangles, alien rivalries, and classmate situations, and you have one of the greatest animanga series in existence!

Urusei Yatsura consists of 34 manga volumes. A few volumes were translated by Viz, but the vast majority of the series was dropped. Synopses and scanslations are available at Tomobiki-cho and Project ILM (Industrial Lum & Manga). UY was also made into a very popular anime series, including OVAs and five movies. AnimEigo has subbed and released the movies and OVAs along with half of the anime series.

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