Avoiding Bed Bug Woes – 2 Top Tips To Prevent Bites

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Bed bug bites can cause swollen rash called the bed bug rash, and severe itching. The bed bug rashes are itchier than the mosquito bites, and they do not heal fast. So, its better not to let them bite. Following are tips to keep the bed bug bites at bay.

Bed Bugs are not invisible; they are very much visible to the naked eye of any person. Bed Bugs are somewhat similar and are of the same size as apple seed. The Bed Bugs resemble the apple seeds in color and shape too. The only difference is that the Bed Bugs, when compared to the apple seeds, are a little thin.

Keep the Bed Bugs away from you. Their bites are really itchy and may even lead to infection if scratched. It is important that the Bed Bugs are kept away from the kids too. The children can’t control their hands from scratching that rash. So, they might scrape the skin that is near the rash, which might infect them badly.

Follow these tips to keep Bed Bugs at bay.

1. Prevent the Bed Bugs from biting you when you are seated on your couch

It is really embarrassing to see your guests scratch himself or herself after being bitten by a bed bug when they were seated on your sofa. It would be even more embarrassing if your guest manages to catch a bed bug crawling on him while talking to you, in such a situation, you will feel really insulted, because you did not bother to clean your couch properly.

This will lead to a situation where people will be gossiping only about your house, and the couch that is infested with Bed Bugs. So, keep an eye on your couch, clean it up regularly. Look for reddish brown stains on your sofa when you dismantle it sometime. In case you find some Bed Bugs there, keep it away, and start searching your house for more Bed Bugs, and start exterminating them. It is just a test that can be conducted to know if your house is infested with Bed Bugs, once, it shows a positive result, you need to start acting.

2. Preventing the Bed Bugs from biting you on your bed

It is really uncomfortable to sleep in case you are going to be bitten by Bed Bugs; they give you the itchy feeling. It has been proven that people who belong to a household that is infested with Bed Bugs are more susceptible to insomnia and anxiety. Sometimes, it becomes the primary reason for you to sleep late, and follow a bad sleeping routine.

The Bed Bugs are damn itchy, so take every possible step to keep them away from your kids. Most of the kids will have low tolerance to bed bug itches.

Your child might start crying uncontrollably when bitten by a bed bug; it is because of the itching sensation that comes after a bed bug bite. Applying calamine lotion helps a lot, and lessens the itching sensation.

The Bed Bugs generally target the exposed areas. In case you find some small, swollen, rounded bump, then there is a chance for it to have been created by the Bed Bugs.

You can find the Bed Bugs under your mattresses, wooden panels etc. Wherever you see the reddish brown stains, you sure can search your home for more Bed Bugs. And if it is supplemented with severe itching sensation for anyone in your place, it is time to look for ways to exterminate these visitors.

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