Revolutionary Bed Bug Exterminator And Consequences Of Desiccant On Bed Bug

The bed bug is thought to be as traditional as the human existence. Experts appraise that Bed Bugs fed from pre-historic humans’ blood since the time they dwell in caves. When human dwellings developed from caves to huts made of leaves and from to huts to homes made from woods and into the concrete buildings, the Bed Bugs moved with the civilization. Bed Bugs travel in the crevices of luggage and drops in carpets and mattresses on the arrival of his host.

The growing beefs for Bed Bugs in hotels keep enlarging. It is major challenge for management to keep their corporation free of bugs. They take pride in saying that their hotels are bed bug-free, but how many are they that claim this, maybe a few .

Why are hostels infested more than the regular homes? Perhaps it is to the proven fact that there are far more beds in hotels than in houses. As there are way more beds, there are way more Bed Bugs and are harder to control.

In the 1930’s there was a widespread infestation of Bed Bugs in American hotels. Ultimately the DDT was banned due to damaging effects on humans.

The Bed Bugs have now returned in hotels partly due to the rise of tourist in-flow and immigrants who may have picked the bugs from their origin and leaves them behind in hotels where they have stayed. Partly and a direct relationship is the banning of the DDT in the 1960’s which was then the only effective insecticide for Bed Bugs. These are worsened by the pests capability to reproduce at an alarming rate. A bug could lay five eggs a day for a life cycle of over one year and lay a total of 500 eggs in its existence. It is to be noted also that Bed Bugs could reproduce three generations in almost a year.

Major concerns for hotel owners are court cases filed by unhappy patrons who suffer grim skin infections due to bug bites. It is alarming that it’s not just the cheap hotels that get infested. The quest for solution and addressing mass suits gives shocking concern that is affecting profitability of the hotel business.

  1. Chemical treatment is conducted by pest management professionals. Two favored forms are the inorganic diatomaceous earth and the silica aerogel. They are placed in tough to reach tight places and support long term effectiveness. These desiccants render dehydration for the bugs and eventual death. The chemicals are low in toxicity for humans and domestic animals. Pyrethroids are liquid insecticide repellant chemicals used in applying into crevices to stop Bed Bugs from creeping into them.
  2. Vacuum Cleaning – Do daily vacuuming of mattresses, furnitures, beds and headboards where Bed Bugs typically to hide. The vacuum bag must be disposed of its content such that the caught bugs are made sure of being eliminated.
  3. Housekeeping – Maintain housekeeping and eliminate clutters in hidden places such as cabinets, drawers, stockrooms, etc. Since there are several rivals in the field, it is best to choose through correct selection process.

It can pay to listen to guest grouses and suggestions to help improve efficacy of both controlling Bed Bugs infestation and prevention, try bed bug contracts. They are the key to understanding purchaser satisfaction and the result of the programs implemented to dump bug infestation.

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